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Each girl dreams to look gentle and fragile, even if she performs on the ice the most complicated elements. Figure skating perfectly tempers the character. And only hard work in training day after day helps to achieve heights. In order for a girl to get real pleasure from classes and step by step master this art, it is worth buying a suitable thermo-dress. It looks beautiful. In this case, the tissue itself warms and tightens, not allowing the body to sweat.
Thermo-swimming for figure skating for girls is made of Polartec Power Stretch (USA). This thermal material has a basic set of key characteristics, for which it is so highly appreciated all over the world:
Elasticity - when performing a variety of elements the girl will not experience any discomfort, since the fabric stretches perfectly and does not impede movement at all. Heat resistance - the material in this respect even wins over wool products. Protection against weather phenomena. Neither the snow nor the small rain can interrupt the training and speaking.